Talkcast 44 – Godzilla? Damn Right, Godzilla

Our guets this week are Steve Bissette and Elizabeth Terrell. Our show started off with more than the usual series of techno-glitches but began to warm up with discussion of ComiCon and The SDCC “God Hates Fags” counterprotest (via i09). Nathan Fillion discussed not being in the new Avengers movie (via comicbookmovie) and Joss is writing and directing it. In Collectible news, the new Dr. Who set is out . This Goes to Eleven (via Nerdist).

Steve Bissette talked about the Spooktacular IV event at Colonial Theatre in Keene NH 7/31/10 — includes a showing of Son of Godzilla .

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  1. almarnik

    That comic looks cool! I likee!

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