Charity Auction for Jeanne Robinson

Edit 5.8.2010

Bid on our items now at: Dream for Jeanne Auctions

Edit 4.28.2010

Added the 25th item, DJ Sucklord’s CD.

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If you haven’t heard (and by “haven’t heard” I mean “are living under a rock”) or have just joined us, on May 8th we are  extremely grateful to have booked the renowned author, Spider Robinson, for our Robert A. Heinlein special. Unfortunately Spider’s wife Jeanne has cancer. As we all know, being ill can be quite pricey and we wanted to do something to help. Instead of raising a small sum of money from our listeners and giving it to the Robinsons we came up with a better idea that could include a great number of people in the community who expressed an immediate desire to be part of our efforts.

We decided to do an auction. Our initial conception consisted of a single Jam sketch, to be contributed to by any artist at GraniteCon Nashua or Boston Comic Con who was interested. We were consistently bowled over by the positive and enthusiastic response that we received. We completed not one, but SIX jam pieces, and several artists kindly donated signed originals or prints.

Artists who donated a sketch to our jam pieces include: SERGIO ARAGONES, MIKE MIGNOLA, JOE LINSNER and EVA HOPKINS, BEN TEMPLESMITH, AMBER BENSON, BILLY TAN, JIM MAHFOOD, SCOTT WEGENER, SARA RICHARD, TRACY LEE QUINN, ILLUSTRATOR X, Jason Casey, Shawn M. Corliss, TJ Dort and Joe Haley, Nicole Hansche, Corey Hodgdon,, MKT Productions, Enrique Savory Jr., Scott Cohn, Shawn Griffin, Mike Huddleston, Rich Woodall, Ron Smith, Amanda Norden, Peter Vinton Jr., Frankie B. Washington, Cara Judd,  Amy Fletcher, Chris Hebert, Tyler James, Amos Madruga, Angela Costello Nueves, Joshua Santa-Cruz, Scott Hamilton, Norman Lee, Andrew LoVuolo, Lauren Monardo, Greg Moutafis, Craig Rousseau, Scott Ethan Ambruson, Dave Gordon, Jay Kennedy, Ian NIchols, Matt Ryan, Rich Tenorio, Alex Sylvia.

Thank you all of you, for your passion and excellence in producing these pieces.

At the final tally, we have an incredible 24 items to offer as e-bay auctions to benefit Jeanne. The auctions will be held by Dream for Jeanne Auctions and begin on May 8th during our Robert A. Heinlein special. The auctions will end on May 15 during our show.

1. GraniteCon Nashua Jam Sketch

2. Callahan’s BCC Jam Sketch

3. Lady Sally’s BCC Jam Sketch

4. BCC Jam Sketch 1

5. BCC Jam Sketch 2

6. Dance Party BCC Jam Sketch

7. Quasar Page (original comic artwork, pencil and ink) signed by Mike Lilly (artist)

8. The Tick (original comic artwork)

9. Batgirl and Robin (print) signed by Cara Judd (artist)

10. The Hulk (print) signed signed by Craig Roussau (artist) and Bob Almond (inker)

11. Nightcrawler (print) signed by Mike Lilly (artist) and Bob Almond (inker)

12. Nightwing (print) signed by Mike Lilly (artist) and Bob Almond (inker)

13. The Eleven Doctor Whos (print with original sketch) by Kelly Yates (artist)

14. TofuSquirrel (print) signed by Elizabeth Siegel

15. Strange Attractors/Poison Elves (print, limited to 1000) signed by Mike Cohen (artist) and Drew Hayes (artist)

16.  Vampirella Revelations #0  Special Collector’s Edition limited to 1,500 copies; (Joe Jusko cover artist) signed by Mike Lilly (artist) and Bob Almond (inker)

17. Vampirella Revelations #1  (Pepe Gonzalez cover artist) signed by Mike Lilly (artist) and Bob Almond (inker)

18. Vampirella Revelations #1 (Mark Texiera cover artist)  signed by Mike Lilly (artist) and Bob Almond (inker)

19. Vampirella Revelations #2 signed by Mike Lilly (artist) Bob Almond (inker)

20. Vampirella Revelations #2  (David Michael Beck cover artist) signed by Mike Lilly (artist) Bob Almond (inker)

21. Strange Attractors Issue 2 Page 30 (original, pencil and ink) signed by Mike Cohen (writer, artist)

22. Strange Attractors Issue 9 Page 19 (original, pencil and ink) signed by Mike Cohen (writer, artist)

23. The Ferryman (short story pamphlet) signed by Christopher Golden (author) and Eric Powell (illustrator) [picture added!]

24. The Ferryman (hard cover novel deluxe edition, limited to 1000 copies) signed by Christopher Golden (author) [picture added!]

25. Star Wars Breakbeats (CD) by DJ Sucklord

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