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TalkCast 111 – Lance Henriksen and Joe Maddrey

This week’s Holiday Gift Ideas: Dome – Futurama Monopoly Kriana -Knitted Superhero Finger Puppets Java – glif and gorillapod Dead RedHead – Fritz Leiber This week’s SFSN Facebook Poll: Favorite Animated Sci-Fi Movie was a tie between Heavy Metal and The Incredibles. BBC’s Sherlock Holmes returns. Starship Troopers director also did The Fast and the Furious. Guy Ritchie to […]

Fiction Friday – Aftershocks by Craig D.B.Patton

Craig D.B. Patton is a member of New England Horror Writers and a graduate/survivor of the Borderlands Press Boot Camp. He has lived most of his life in New England, the exception being 11 wonderful years in Chicago.  It was while there that he figured out he was a writer.  He has written mostly short stories, […]

Movies I Wish You Had Seen – Dark City

So, here is the problem. Most of you readers have probably seen this movie, but not in its true form. I happened to catch this move on TV and was disgusted by the way it was hacked, the inability to see half of it and the incredibly garbled audio. At that point I shut off […]

TalkCast 110 – Steven Roman

Rocky Horror Picture Show voted Best Musical in this week’s SFSN Facebook Poll. Previous Guest Michael J. Sullivan’s book launched this week. Watchmen 2. Why are ghosts so horny on American Horror Story? Original work print of Manos: Hands of Fate found. Mid-Season Finale of The Walking Dead. Action Comics #1 sells for 2.16 Million. […]

Fiction Friday – Ben Bova

One might guess that someone who can write fascinating stories would automatically make a great guest. In to many instances this has proven not to be the case, but NOT with Ben Bova. Mr. Bova has been a frequent guest on our show, dating back to our old radio broadcast days. From the moment he […]

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