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Hey Frankie, All of us here at Sci Fi Saturday Night were just marveling over the last unsolicited piece of artwork you sent our way, and looking at all the links and news items and Facebook posts you’ve shared with us; your great interviews and comics, and… uh… well, it’s… I guess we just have […]

Why Is Jeanne Kietzmann Staring At You?

Ah, look at that beautifully pensive woman and in your heart you know it can only mean one thing; The BBC has a new Sci Fi drama coming out in the fall, doesn’t it? YES! IT DOES! Meet The Outcasts, an 8 part mini-series for the Beeb. Since the unprecedented world-wide response to Doctor Who, […]

DC Doing It Right – Batman: Under The Red Hood

As Marvel makes its mark in moves with big budget extravaganzas, DC has been very quietly putting out some amazing quality animated feature with some of the finest voice acting and scripts around. The latest in this series is Batman: Under The Red Hood. The animation is quietly above par, giving a rich texture to […]

Spidey Resurrection or Broadway Turns Dark…..Again

Everything old is new again. Everything done is redone. Everything thrown into the dustbin comes back as a collectible. Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark after many false starts, miss-steps and hiccups is set to open on Broadway in previews on November 12, 2010 at The Foxwoods Theatre (formerly the Hilton Theatre). Directed by Julie Taymor […]

An Open Letter to Google

From: The Dome RE: Google Wave Dear Mr. Google At our weekly staff meeting yesterday evening, we were informed by our resident technical wizard, Kriana, that sometime on or before December 31, 2010, Google in planning to discontinue support for Google Wave and discontinue the application. On behalf of the Cast and Crew of Sci-Fi […]

Talkcast 46 – Who needs a Guest Anyway?

Tonight Jeff Burk was going to be on, but we missed him. Visit him at Bizarro Fiction. RiffTrax is showing Reefer Madness Thursday, August 19 2010, at select theaters near you! Kevin Bacon is in newest X-Men Movie (Via Geeks of Doom) An unproduced Jim Henson screenplay to become original graphic novel(via Comic Related) While you’re waiting […]

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