An Open Letter to Google

From: The Dome

RE: Google Wave

Dear Mr. Google

At our weekly staff meeting yesterday evening, we were informed by our resident technical wizard, Kriana, that sometime on or before December 31, 2010, Google in planning to discontinue support for Google Wave and discontinue the application. On behalf of the Cast and Crew of Sci-Fi Saturday Night, What The Hell? Google Giveth and Google Taketh Away?

For the clueless, Google Wave is was an amazing app that allows allowed people to collaborate in r/t on documents. For our purposes at SFSN, we use used it as a running show log. It served as collaborative workplace for our shows from our segment producers in the far reaches of the planet and on Saturday afternoons became a community story board to put the show together. While it might be feasible to find another application for our needs, Mr. Google, we were all very happy with it.


I, The Dome, am officially asking you to license SFSN with the source code. What the hell, you’re not gonna use it any more, are ya? I am striking a blow for all the dying apps across the cyberverse, the ones that were loved, and used, and never given a chance to blossom and grow. What if Darwin had said, “Hey, nice crabs”, and moved on? What if Edison had said, “Watson, come here…” and forgotten why? What if……… arguh………..

This is Dome sayin’: Don’t tease me with apps that work and do exactly what they’re supposed to do…….and then take them away.

4 Responses to “An Open Letter to Google”

  1. Google wave is crap.. There was very little that you couldn’t do with normal gmail.

    If you didn’t have to re-add all your contacts and have a separate googlewave address it might have been more widely adopted.

  2. Hey, I thought it was a very user-friendly app… and this is coming from a guy who has yet to move on from his Atari 2600. Please don’t take it away!

  3. IMHO Sc00ter, yer blowin’ smoke. I have yet to find an app that does what Wave does, so my offer still stands to Mr. Google. Offer me your source code for Wave, if you’re not gonna keep it.

  4. PS
    When I get the source code I am renaming it The Dome Wave!

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