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Read ’em for free!

Libraries let you read graphic novels for free. That’s it, man —– the rest of this article is just going to be driving that point home, so if you can grasp that simple concept, get outta here and go read the complete Lone Wolf & Cub series, Ultimate Spider-Man, Strangers In Paradise; whatever. I just […]

Off Topic: Who wants free money for sex? Surprisingly few, it turns out.

Remember a few years back, when parents were screaming about this new video game, Grand Theft Auto?  It sold a gazillion copies and every freakin kid wanted it? Then, the second one came out GTA: San Andreas; bigger, badder, bloodier and…sexier? It turns out that some original game coders in the beta version of GTA:SA, […]

Who Was Stan Winston and why YOU Should Care

In an era of push button digital effects and mind numbing gore movies, the are/were Visual GrandMasters, those who knew how to manipulate the film and make it something special, something amazing. If you look at the Alien Hoax Video from last week, it’s easy to realize that any schmuck with a cheap computer and […]

Moonlight: Why Groundswell Support for a Failed Series Is So Yesterday

Everyone knows the apocryphal tales of Star Treks Resurrection, Jerichos second life, the poorly handwritten (before the e-mail revolution) postcards scrawled with crayon to Bring Back Spock. It seems as if Sci Fi has indeed lived up to its reputation as the “rented mule” of the Entertainment Industry. The latest example of “Enterprise Syndrome” is […]

VulCON 2008 Family Fun Fest

So, if you have nothing to do this weekend, head up to Vulcan, Alberta Canada for their 15th annual Star Trek Convention. For those of you who thought that this phenomenon was strictly American, Oh how wrong you are, tribble breath! The theme for this year is “To Infinity and Beyond” and there will be […]


MY DVD OF ZOMBIE STRIPPERS HAS ARRIVED TODAY………….. It is worse that you can ever imagine. I want to rip my eyes out. Full review to come…………

Another year, another Crisis

Another week, another “crisis” over at the DC Universe.  This time it’s called “Final Crisis”, as opposed to Crisis On Infinte Earths, Zero Hour, and Infinite Crisis (oh, and let’s not forget the Countdown to Infinite Crisis and Countdown to Final Crisis).  This is IT, promises DC.  Everything changes!  Hoo-hah, you won’t believe your eyes!

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