Off Topic: Who wants free money for sex? Surprisingly few, it turns out.

Remember a few years back, when parents were screaming about this new video game, Grand Theft Auto?  It sold a gazillion copies and every freakin kid wanted it? Then, the second one came out GTA: San Andreas; bigger, badder, bloodier and…sexier? It turns out that some original game coders in the beta version of GTA:SA, had jokingly placed a scenario where you could “have relations”  with one of the characters. Mistakenly believing ALL of that code had been deleted before going to market, enough fragments were left so if a savvy gamer patched the game with program called “Hot Coffee” they could under ONE circumstance do “the deed”. Much ado about nothing. This was not something that you could inadvertently stumble into, or even make happen without deliberately altering the game, knowing that said alteration would result in the “nasty” outcome!

Thank god for LIARS Lawyers. A Class Action Lawsuit against TAKE-TWO resulted in a settlement by which any user/buyer of this game (think millions, here) was eligible for a payout of between $ 5.00 and $ 35.00 ,if they were “offended”,simply by applying for it. To date, less than 2,700 have claimed under the lawsuit settlement.

Time to wise up people. This is another in a string of meritless lawsuits whose sole purpose is to make big money for LIARS lawyers. Moral outrage aside (I so rarely feel that anymore), this is just another tempest in a teapot and the LIARS lawyers who brought this to court need to be dunned the court and legal costs and perhaps pay TAKE-TWO for the foolishness they have been put through. There are those lawsuits that do have merit, and I am all for them but let’s cut the garbage out or at least make it very difficult

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