Moonlight: Why Groundswell Support for a Failed Series Is So Yesterday

Everyone knows the apocryphal tales of Star Treks Resurrection, Jerichos second life, the poorly handwritten (before the e-mail revolution) postcards scrawled with crayon to Bring Back Spock. It seems as if Sci Fi has indeed lived up to its reputation as the “rented mule” of the Entertainment Industry. The latest example of “Enterprise Syndrome” is the recently axed series Moonlight the former CBS Vamptacular. The fact that it had a 7.5 million fan base simply was not worth their time. ENTER THE FAN! The all knowing fan. The fan, the man, the woman the watcher..OK you get the idea. Let the letter writing begin all 7.5 million of you. Go immediately to: out all the latest info about why NOBODY wants to carry this. First CW was in, now TNT, perhaps Sci FI. Probably……… it dies. I hate to beam sunlight on the Vamp, but this is a very high risk venture. The “Enterprise Syndrome” is named for the failed UPN series, where, just as it was being fixed and the fan base was returning, the rug was rudely pulled out from under them and all the crayola scrawled postcards were for naught. It’s a shame really when you come to the realization that fan base really means nothing at all to Networks. BUT as a child of the 60’s(dear god I am dating myself), keep trying to Fight The Man, because I am getting too old.This is Dome quoting Sturgeon’s Law: 90% of EVERYTHING is shit. If it wasn’t, how would we ever know what the good stuff was?

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