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Part 6 of 37 The new season – CBS, when ANYTHING old is new again.

Vampires, ghosties for everyone and something beside a vampire rises’ from the dead

(Steaks don’t kill him either)

Nic St. John reprises the role of Angel, ONLY NOT, only better? The quote to remember, “Being a vampire sucks” What really sucks is being in the Friday night deadzone. Add to this, the cast is filled with OC castoffs and unknowns and one of the producers is Ron Koslow (Birds of Prey – guilty pleasure alert).

Part 5 of 842 – The New Network Season on ABC – Ok There was this caveman, well more of a Neanderthal

Does anyone remember Phil Hartman doing his Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer? And Jim Morrison doesn’t sing Touch Me at all in Pushing Daisies. Note to Barry, consider this for the soundtrack!

Barry Sonnenfeld is a very twisted and funny guy and he has created at Sci-Fi comedy about Ned, a baker, who can briefly resurrect the dead. Now before you hurt yourself laughing at the idea of dead people, remember Sonnenfelds’ track record (Men In Black{forget the sequel}, The Addams family) and Producer/Writer Brian Fuller (Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, Heroes). Add to the mix the amazing Swoozie Kurtz and I’m guessing if they can get past 13 weeks they are gonna be solid. This is one I am rooting for.

Part 4 of 4.852 The New Network Season – Get out the tea and soft music….cuz I’m gonna be ill….oh, is my legs over there?

The new season – Jamie Sommers, Jamie Sommers, the newest sitcom from Norman Lear is about a fictional town in…..oh god, never mind, I just had a 70’s flashback. Wait a moment so did this show.

Part 3 of A Zillion-The New Network Season-Now that Kurt Vonnegut is dead, lets rip him off !!!!!!!!!!!!


The Specifics:
Title – Journeyman
Network – NBC
Timeslot – after Heroes Monday night at 10:00pm
Responsibility – Producers and Writers from The West Wing
Derivation – Billy Pilgrim – Slaughterhouse 5 By Kurt Vonnegut

The 4400 – I get worried when…..

so, last nights episode was good, not great, not awesome, just good. The reason for this is that 4400 has moved from storytelling to preaching. The characters are not talking to each other anymore. Some examples:

Feh! 2007’s Summer of Sci-Fi Snoozefest

This was going to be the summer to end all summers. Spider-Man 3! Transformers! New Dr. Who! World War Hulk! I feared for my life, as my weak heart threatened to crap out before I’d spent my last dollar on summer fare. As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about, except losing that last dollar to the Hollywood hype machine. Let me explain…

So, What is the Sci Fi Network Doin’ Right, anyway? – Part 3 “The Syndications”

This is part 3 of a 3 part series about what’s going on in the Sci Fi Network, what’s working, what isn’t and what’s making me flip to The Golf Channel.

First, a sidebar. SFN has become a home for many canceled sci fi network shows. Some are good, some are bad and some are just cringingly ugly.

The Noobs:
The 4400
Currently First Run episodes of Season 4 of this amazing series are running on USA Network. When they end they usually get a repeat run on SFN a few months later. What an awesome idea this was!!!. This is a real sleeper favorite of mine. MY hope is for a SFN Marathon, running all 4 seasons sometime soon.

So, What is the Sci Fi Network Doin’ Right, anyway? – Part 2 “The Imports”

This is part 2 of a 3 part series about what’s going on in the Sci Fi Network, what’s working, what isn’t and what’s making me flip to the Game Show Network.

Doctor Who
I am so annoyed, so annoyed.

I am gonna break this down into good and bad for you.
The scripts and story arcs are so very well done!
The cinematography is outstanding.
The special effects can be breathtaking.

2 Doctors in 3 seasons-3 Companions in 3 seasons
Just as I was getting to really like Chris Eccleston, BOOM, he’s gone and replaced with a completely different Doctor as portrayed by David Tennant. Then, just as I was adjusting to the differing relationship between Doctors 9 and 10 with Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) BOOM AGAIN, she is killed and is replaced by Martha Jones ( Freema Agyeman) who I am just getting to like a lot (and you will love in the season endgame spanning 3 episodes) and then, BOOM, she is about to be replaced by……..sigh…….Donna Noble (Catherine Tate)(btw, I already don’t like her, I am mad enough that Rose is gone, so don’t get me started, OK?)

So, What is the Sci Fi Network doin’ Right, anyway? Part 1

It occurred to me, and was pushed into my face, that in my rant about the cancelling of The Dresden Files, I had pushed hard at everything the Sci Fi Network was doing wrong, and, quite frankly, giving them no credit for what they are doing right.. This begs the question, are they doing anything right?. Well yes and no. Let me state, right off the bat, that I am a BIG FAN. HUGE FAN. COMIC STORE GUY FROM THE SIMPSONS FAN! That having been said, let’s take a completly biased look.

Original Productions
Perhaps one of the funniest low key science fiction shows ever produced. Yes, the effects are good, the stories are well crafted and the characters are becoming better developed as Season 2 progresses. What makes this series really interesting to me is the way that the writers have chosen to keep the overall tone so very sedate. Even the most terrifying situation is met with a sense of calm……… and, it’s an interesting take. From what I can hear from others, an acquired taste.. Perhaps this is the sushi of sci fi?

Who is Harry Dresden and why did the Sci Fi Channel kill The Dresden Files and keep all those horrible movies?

Ah, so many questions. Let’s start at the beginning. The Dresden Files is/was a show on The Sci Fi Channel.. If you never saw it, here are the particulars:
Harry Dresden – Paul Blackthorne/ Mr. Wizard
Lt. Connie Murphy – Valerie Cruz/ Ms Hard as Nails Cop
Morgan – Conrad Coates/ Head of the Chicago Cabal
Bob – Terrance Mann/ Disembodied Sidekick to Harry

Based in large part on the Jim Butcher series of novels, The Dresden Files is the adventures of Harry as Private Investigator/wizard in Chicago. The television show has a great sense of self deprecating humor and a visual darkness paying constant homage to film noir. While it never garnered a mass following, it was a fun ride and something not seen too often of the SFN, where cheap slash films or Mansquito is the “original” fare they supply.

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