Part 3 of A Zillion-The New Network Season-Now that Kurt Vonnegut is dead, lets rip him off !!!!!!!!!!!!


The Specifics:

Title – Journeyman

Network – NBC

Timeslot – after Heroes Monday night at 10:00pm

Responsibility – Producers and Writers from The West Wing

Derivation – Billy Pilgrim – Slaughterhouse 5 By Kurt VonnegutCast: ummm yeah well……….keep reading

The Short Story:Dan Vaaser becomes unstuck in time (see Kurt Vonnegut) and relives moments from his past all over again, giving him a second shot at his first girlfriend and complicating his present relationship with his present family.We have a hot long lost ex-girlfriend called Livia played by Moon Bloodgood. Watch it for her and see if Martin Sheen guest stars soon.

Otherwise….READ !READ !!READ !!!Vonnegut did it better, and made you care about it. And Valerie Perrine is always gonna be much hotter, even though the movie was a disappointment on so many levels.

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