So, What is the Sci Fi Network doin’ Right, anyway? Part 1

It occurred to me, and was pushed into my face, that in my rant about the cancelling of The Dresden Files, I had pushed hard at everything the Sci Fi Network was doing wrong, and, quite frankly, giving them no credit for what they are doing right.. This begs the question, are they doing anything right?. Well yes and no. Let me state, right off the bat, that I am a BIG FAN. HUGE FAN. COMIC STORE GUY FROM THE SIMPSONS FAN! That having been said, let’s take a completly biased look.

Original Productions
Perhaps one of the funniest low key science fiction shows ever produced. Yes, the effects are good, the stories are well crafted and the characters are becoming better developed as Season 2 progresses. What makes this series really interesting to me is the way that the writers have chosen to keep the overall tone so very sedate. Even the most terrifying situation is met with a sense of calm……… and, it’s an interesting take. From what I can hear from others, an acquired taste.. Perhaps this is the sushi of sci fi?

Battlestar Galactica
What can I say, other than man this is gonna be one hell of a finale. OK, I am waiting along with every other fan, to see just how this all wraps up. I am praying we don’t have to endure a Babylon 5 non-ending, forever doomed to sequels, prequels and spin-offs. Frankly, I don’t see that happening. Ever the optimist, I am hoping for them to go out with the style and class they have show throughout the run!

Who Want’s To Be A Superhero?
NOT ME. Please get Stan, The Man, Lee off the air. I love his work, I love Marvel Comics, but please………….stop the insanity.

Ghost Hunters
This is fun. Watching guys who are plumbers by day and ghost busters by night. You get to see how much of what they do is just boring rote stuff and occasionally you see something or hear something that just makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. I frankly never tire of watching all the petty interpersonal stuff that flies right out the window when they actually see or hear something. On the whole, pretty cool, if you can take the boring stuff for the occasional nugget.

Flash Gordon
Too soon to tell, but , so far, a resounding ugh.

Painkiller Jane
What can you cay about a comic book inspired chick in black leather who beats up people with smoldering sexuality? I say, Yes (and just hope my wife doesn’t hear me)

Destination Truth
BORING, If I wanted truth, I would be watching The Discovery Channel.

Next Installment: Imports
For Now,
Dome Signing off

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