Who is Harry Dresden and why did the Sci Fi Channel kill The Dresden Files and keep all those horrible movies?

Ah, so many questions. Let’s start at the beginning. The Dresden Files is/was a show on The Sci Fi Channel.. If you never saw it, here are the particulars:
Harry Dresden – Paul Blackthorne/ Mr. Wizard
Lt. Connie Murphy – Valerie Cruz/ Ms Hard as Nails Cop
Morgan – Conrad Coates/ Head of the Chicago Cabal
Bob – Terrance Mann/ Disembodied Sidekick to Harry

Based in large part on the Jim Butcher series of novels, The Dresden Files is the adventures of Harry as Private Investigator/wizard in Chicago. The television show has a great sense of self deprecating humor and a visual darkness paying constant homage to film noir. While it never garnered a mass following, it was a fun ride and something not seen too often of the SFN, where cheap slash films or Mansquito is the “original” fare they supply.

The forums at the Sci Fi Network and filled with the buzz of angry watchers who are getting annoyed with resounding frequency that they kill off new and/or original programming. One forum member, Alphanova, states

“SciFi has a long, long list of cancelled programs. Want a list? Farscape, Tremors, Dream Team, Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, Black Scorpion, Sciography, SciFi Vortex, Invisible Man, Good Vs. Evil, William Shatner’s Full Moon Theater, First Wave, New Outer Limits, Sci-Fi Buzz, Poltergeist the Legacy, Lexx, Tripping the Rift, Sliders, Weekly SciFi New with Chase Masterson, Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Dresden Files. Next season will be the final one for Battlestar Galactica, and Painkiller Jane’s on Shaky ground as well.”

Point well taken. The continuing problem with SFN is that is has yet to find an identity it is comfortable with. The addition of ECW Wresting this season has just cheapened the product. So, if you haven’t seen this show, find the DVD’s and enjoy them. It’s worth the trip!

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