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The Tao of Who

David Tennant gives us a wonderful farewell in The End of Time as well as a key to the future of the series. Timothy Dalton as The Time Lord and Narrator is simply wonderful. Both in substance and texture,  this holiday send-off is a fitting and beautiful ending to the Tennant era as Doctor. “It’s […]

Torchwood and Doctor Who: Sarah Conner and Dollhouse (Fox sux): Chuck

There will be absolutely no spoilers in this post so, no need to worry your furry heads that I will spill the proverbial magic beans about your viewing favorites. This is a vent article, nothing more, so take it in the spirit of viciousness it was written in.

Why is Doctor Who Pissing Me Off?

Right off the bat, let me make one thing clear, I love this show. Its latest incarnations have been nothing short of fantastic. The scripts have been tight, the acting has been wonderful but best of all, this show has been like fine caviar, absolutely delicious in small doses, leaving you always wanting more. Far […]

The Doctor Who 2008 Christmas Special

You know, Kids, It’s that time of year when we get presents we really don’t want, pretend to be happy around people we don’t really like, eating far too much food that’s not good for us and drinking things better left in their pretty little bottles. The good folks at the BBC have sent us […]

Sorry, I’ve been sleeping. Anything happen while I was gone?

The SFSN Staff is hosting a series of Horror Film debuts in the New Hampshire area. Dome loves them viral films (and evidently refering to himself in the third person). First off is a double feature : Freaky Farley & The Other Side Of Hell. This is going to be one “HELL” of a night, […]

Attention Mr. and Mrs. America and All the Ships at Sea! All The Nudes That’s Fit To Print, Local, National, Zombie Strippers & GRANITECON

GRANITECON, formerly known as The Granite State Comicon is this Sunday, May 18th., from 10AM to 4PM at the Radission Manchester In New Hampster, the state which is also home base for our humble MegaCorperation,SCIFICO.     Our friends at Double Midnight Comics are once again hosting the event, Chris and Scott (otherwise known as Chris’ brother), […]

Television Rants and The Well Read Sci-Fi Geek!

I hate the ending of Torchwood..With a burning passion. I really wanna take the writers and hurt them. DAMN YOU DAMN YOU DAMN YOU ALL It wasn’t fair, it was totally unexpected and it pissed ME OFF. With all the talk of changes in the show for next season, god knows this was not the […]

You Had Me At Blowfish – Torchwood Season 2

All right kiddies, Lets begin with some differences between what was seen in the UK and what might be seen on BBC America. In the UK 2 versions are run, a family friendly version at 8:00pm and the real deal hardcore version later in the evening.

TORCHWOOD SEASON 2 developing…stay tuned

Capt. Jack, James Marsters, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! full disclosure with mutiple spoilers asap! Life is Good

We’re Back-New and Improved-Now with No Chemical Additives.

Yes, we’re back. Sorry for the long delay but MAJOR PROPS  to Kriana for  moving us to a new hosting agent when our old one killed us off, without losing anything. Also, thanx and a tip of the hat to our friends across the pond, who were instrumental working with Kriana on the new interface. […]

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