The Tao of Who

David Tennant gives us a wonderful farewell in The End of Time as well as a key to the future of the series. Timothy Dalton as The Time Lord and Narrator is simply wonderful. Both in substance and texture,  this holiday send-off is a fitting and beautiful ending to the Tennant era as Doctor. “It’s not like I’m an innocent. I have taken lives” With these words, Tennant brings the humble futility of his existence full circle, from the wonders to the horrid wretchedness that is the universe we all inhabit. As much as we as an audience have come to adore him, Tennant utters the fateful words, “..sometimes, I think the Timelord lives too long..”, and thus ushers in the new with his own demise in a stunningly beautiful masterstroke.

In a scene reminiscent of The Last Starfighter, Grandpa Wilfred and the aliens play Laser Tag with NATO missiles to a rousing score. Mickey and Martha come back to join us, Sarah Jane and her son say hello, Captain Jack gets a quick lesson in redemption, Rose spends a New Years Eve to god, this is the BBC at its best. John Sim puts in one of the most magnificent performances ever seen in this series. Enjoy the last of David Tennant and savor the first glimpse of Matt Smith.

This is Dome sayin: May the Universe Sing You to Your Sleep.

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