Attention Mr. and Mrs. America and All the Ships at Sea! All The Nudes That’s Fit To Print, Local, National, Zombie Strippers & GRANITECON

GRANITECON, formerly known as The Granite State Comicon is this Sunday, May 18th., from 10AM to 4PM at the Radission Manchester In New Hampster, the state which is also home base for our humble MegaCorperation,SCIFICO.     Our friends at Double Midnight Comics are once again hosting the event, Chris and Scott (otherwise known as Chris’ brother), Brett and Patrick are the backbone of this twice yearly event. This year’s guests include Scott Wegener {Atomic Robo}, Ethan Van Sciver(DC’s Green Lantern), Joe Hill, Scott Kolins(Marvel, Valliant and a ton of his own stuff), and the amazing Khio Phan(Marvel Artist). This is a DON’T MISS con. Most of the SFSN crew will be there, evidently for no apparent reason, but Kriana, Dru and I will be spending more money we don’t have on stuff we don’t really need(this according to Ms. Dome). If you see us there, say hey!

Yes, Ladies and Germs, another instant classic, right up there with the remake of House of Wax. (the entire audience applauded when Paris Hilton died). Jenna Jameson in her acting debut, regardless of the number of DVD’s you own of her, as the penultimate Zombie Stripper. Clearly, I can’t say enough about this film. I wonder why? This direct to DVD Masterwork is available in cut out bins all over this great land of ours. This may be the first year Janna is not up for an AVN Award, and once again the judges have missed a classic.


Sarah Conner has been “officially” renewed. Deep sigh of relief as we called this one months ago.

IRONMAN is killing at the box office

Remake of THE HULK is not looking good, Damn,  I wish Ed Norton had been given the creative control he was promised.

Fox cancels New Amsterdam. Fox sux.

Smallville still on, WHY?

Moonlight cancelled. CBS to find a sucky show to replace it. Should have no problem.

John Barowman leaves Torchwood.YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doctor Who has a daughter………great episode coming

Why am I having such a hard time watching BattleStar?

Thus is Dome. If GWB was The Decider, does that make me The Questioner? I think it does. Happy Comicon Everyone

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