Why is Doctor Who Pissing Me Off?

Right off the bat, let me make one thing clear, I love this show. Its latest incarnations have been nothing short of fantastic. The scripts have been tight, the acting has been wonderful but best of all, this show has been like fine caviar, absolutely delicious in small doses, leaving you always wanting more. Far superior in every sense to the older Doctors(with due reverence),  these shows have let us move from beyond the cutesy and hokey into mainstream Sci Fi with a vengeance. One of the things that has been so wonderful is one of the writers’ better tricks, setting up an action many episodes before and then bringing it back to conclusion. I have been honestly stunned by some of their amazing plot tricks and as a consumer and viewer, more that satisfied.Here’s my anger with them; Character continuity. Look in the course of 4 seasons we have has 2 Doctors and 3 companions, the last one (Donna), a complete failure as far as I am concerned. Today word hit the streets that a THIRD DOCTOR, a Mr. Matt Smith will take the helm of the Tardis for the next full season, and I AM PISSED OFF.  For God’s sake, is there something so difficult about a 13 show schedule that you cannot keep the cast intact? What the hell ever happened to brand loyalty?

When Dick York was replaced by Dick Sargent on Bewitched, it was because HE HAD FREAKIN DIED!. And it was terrible, but nobody’s fault. While we are on the subject of Dick Sargent, who the hell IS Matt Smith? I already hate him…………. oh crap, you know I’m gonna watch. BUT DAMNIT, I WILL BE PISSED!

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One Response to “Why is Doctor Who Pissing Me Off?”

  1. Illustrator X

    Will be pissed? Dome, howzabout PISSED OFF THIS FREAKIN’ SECOND?!? Not so much that Tenant’s leaving; I mean, being a Who fan means that sooner or later your Doc’s going to be clutching his chest, looking up all teary-eyed at the companion of the month and spouting some tear-jerking line before going all glowy-gooey and poing! new actor, same role. No, what’s got me ready to break down the doors of the BBC is the new guy they cast. Once again, we play up to the younger demographics and bring in some pretty boy who looks like he REALLY couldn’t wait for Mama Mia to come out on DVD. Why can’t they bring in someone older? The first really “young” Doctor was Peter Davison, the FIFTH one to play the role after 19 years (at that time). Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Patrick Troughton — these guys are legendary in the Whoniverse, but they wouldn’t make a casting call nowadays. I’ll give junior a chance, but COME ON already…

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