Sorry, I’ve been sleeping. Anything happen while I was gone?

The SFSN Staff is hosting a series of Horror Film debuts in the New Hampshire area. Dome loves them viral films (and evidently refering to himself in the third person). First off is a double feature : Freaky Farley & The Other Side Of Hell. This is going to be one “HELL” of a night, more info coming soon. 

Fringe debut: OK, let me say this, I gave it 2 shots and…………..I wish JJ had done an Alias reunion

Rumor Mill: David Tennant is being enticed into a Season 5/ DOCTOR WHO THEATRICAL MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some days, life doesn’t get any better. Hint to Davie. Don’t be a schmuck. DO IT!

Wonder Woman: The Amazon Who Would Not Die, has been shelved once again (If memory serves me, this makes #6) as Joss Weadon officially tosses it. Anyone with any new idea please call.

Robin’s dirty mouth got DC Comix into trouble. In speaking with my insiders, it was never supposed to be printed (and in these unpleasant times) for good reason. Anyone willing to part with a copy, let Us know.

Finally, Sarah Conner rebooted and I gotta tell ya, I had fun. It continues to be smart, sexy and fun. I for one would love to see a full season this year, just for the hell of it.

Happy Monday Domites!

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