Yes, I’m old. Lets get that out of the way. Here’s the deal This morning I woke up, made my coffee and sat my ass in front of the old TV (actually an very nice new Flat Panel) and proceeded to get completely aggravated.

What the hell happened to Saturday Morning TV? I know kids have more choices and are busy with computers or parents have them up and running to football/baseball/soccer/instrument/personal worth training classes, so not a free moment is left to actually live anymore, BUT FOR GODS SAKE…Where is Buggs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, The Pink Panther, any of them? Where is any superhero? Who made the decision that lame sickeningly cuddly commercial based 30 minute advertisements and/or paid segment for a book/instructional video/appliance you don’t and will NEVER need would become all that’s left of this once sacred time spent between a child and their father, giggling over the anvil hitting the coyote for the hundredth time or a known or unknown superhero doing something incredibly cool.

This morning, it was so dearth of anything palatable, I actually went food shopping ( that should say volumes right there).  I call upon all parents with a fond recollection of Duck Dodgers in the Twenty Fourth and an Half Century, every father who spent a half-awake morning with their child watching Super-Friends, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or god forbid The Three Stooges. I say to you who miss lounging on a weekend morning and letting the world slowly settle in around you as you enjoy what I HAVE ALWAYS CONSIDERED quality time with my kids, letting them eat their breakfast as I nurse my coffee    GIVE US SOMETHING WORTH A SHIT TO WATCH.

Dome sez: Acme makes the best everything!

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