Remember… back issues?

This week, I’d like everybody reading this to go to your nearest comic store that actually sells silver and bronze-age back issues.  I’m not asking you to break the bank on this, just find an old back issue that looks fun; something you’ve always wanted to try out.  Maybe a tattered copy of Superman Family; maybe one of Marvel’s Godzilla books.  It doesn’t have to be mint; hell, it doesn’t have to be “good” (and oh, the comments I’m sure that straight line caused).  Just treat yourself to an unknown gem that’s slipped between the cracks, and see what comes of it.  Don’t spend more than five dollars. 

So many people these days are buying their back issues via trade paperbacks.  Now, I have nothing against trades; they’ve allowed me to buy complete runs of series that I’d otherwise never be able to afford.  But lots of you are waiting for the trade when you’re denying yourself the collector’s joy of hunting down that last rare issue of Whatever Man #247, valuable or not.  And collecting starts by actually building a collection.  So go out there and find yourself a forgotten four-color treasure.

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