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Talkcast462 – Reality Is Subjective, Subjectivly Speaking

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is the pen truly mightier than the sword? Questions like these and many others have troubled mankind (the species, not the wrestler) for millennia.  For an answer to the first question I might ask Neil deGrasse Tyson. On this show we perhaps have  someone uniquely qualified to […]

TalkCast 461 – Welcome to Lockdown Theatre

Welcome to Tough Trip Through Hell. Every so often we at Sci Fi Saturday Night find something so very different and wonderfully interesting that even if it doesn’t fit into our usual fair we want others to learn about.  This show is one of those.   During this pandemic, when any entertainment is limited, it is fascinating […]

TalkCast 460 – Busking As Seen Through a Prism

If you’re old enough to remember Simon and Garfunkle AND you remember their early work AND you remember it fondly, you might remember one of their very early classics Old Friends/Bookends and if you mull over the lyrics of that wonderful classic song it was very much like this show. In this episode we get […]

TalkCast 459 – The Problem With Memory Marks

The concept of “Young Adult” fiction within the science fiction/fantasy genre  has evolved significantly over the years. What was once a very restrictive genre has become open to very modern interpretations as society evolves. In this episode we talk with Jenna Greene about her new book, titled Reborn. It is the first in a series […]

TalkCast 458 – PKD During The Pandemic In Paris

  If you’re going to put  a film festival on in this god forsaken year and it’s going to be a Philip K Dick Film Festival, AND it’s  going to be in Paris , well then, here’s the guy who’s going to do it and pull it off with some amazing films. Our guest tonight […]

TalkCast 457 – I’ve Seen Smoke and I’ve seen Rain

    Eat your heart out James Taylor because in tonight’s episode we  interview V. S. Holmes and it doesn’t involve Nel Bently.  With the Nel Bentley series we see a wonderful series of sci fi stories with great characters. In this episode, we see V’s other side with Smoke and Rain and transition to […]

TalkCast 456 – The Definition of Insanity

For four years we have waited with patience to talk to the woman behind the Kickstarter  “Lilith In The Garden” which began in July 2016 and was successfully funded. Over the course for time the name changed, the personas changed but the driving force behind the project  remained and we and she persisted, wondering where […]

TalkCast 455 – Mama, Where Do Baby Vampires Come From?

“If God created the universe with the appearance of being billions of years old, how was that any different from it actually being billions of years ago and aging through all that time?”  This is the worlds of the Shapers. The worlds from the mind of our guest Ed Willett. In this episode we converse […]

TalkCast 454 – Turnip Out Is Always Fair Play

(For those of you who are Mothers of Inventions fans, the title makes perfect sense) Podcasting, in many ways, is a lot like cooking stew. You throw a bunch of stuff in a pot and see what happens. When a friend of the show brought us to the attention of another podcast, we were invited […]

TalkCast 453 – Warning! Time Travel May Cause Cramps

According to the great 20th Century philosopher Linus van Pelt there are three things you should never discuss with people: Religion, Politics and the Great Pumpkin.  On this show we break two of the three rules. In this episode we discuss an alternate future anthology of a near future America, And The Last Trump Shall […]

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