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Talkcast 140 – Ted Woods

Happy birthday Ray Harryhausen! Voltaire releases stop-motion film w/Gary Numan Is there a TV Series in Star Trek? Bangor ME authorities prepare for zombie apocalypse RIP Caroline Johns Doctor Who Season 7 casting news Ryan Reynolds ruins another franchise, Highlander Firefly cast 10th anniversary reunion in San Diego Tonight’s guest is Ted Woods, a wonderful […]

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Talkcast 139 – Disappointing Monsters

Z*Con Kickstarter Open question:  explain the first scene in Prometheus Pizza Necronomicon! First Trailer for The Watch True Blood Live action Futurama Opening Walking Dead producers swear we’ll like Carl in season 3 SFSN named Podcast of the Month by Guardians of the Genre blog – pt.2 Poll:  Who’s your favorite giant robot? Tonight’s guests are […]

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Men in Black 3 Review

It’s rare for a film to find the right balance between science fiction and absolute fun. Seems like it happens once in a generation. In 1997, Men in Black showed audiences that fun mixed with science fiction can work on the big screen. Men in Black 3 continues that tradition.

TalkCast 138 – Anne Cain

Sci Fi Saturday Night named “PODCAST OF THE MONTH” by Guardians of the Genre! Granite State Comic Con wrapup Someone’s making a Community video game Robert Kirkman designing zombie-proof Hyundai CDC assures US there is no zombie apocalypse… really! Game of Thrones scene had George W. Bush decapitated head Ice Warriors & other classic monsters […]

Z*Con The Kickstarter Project Begins

Writer, director, producer, artist, speaker, co-founder of Big Damn Films, and gentleman genius, Michael Dougherty (you remember him from Browncoats: Redemption) comes back into the world of film making and social activism. The whole idea of Big Damn Films has always been to give back to the community, to charities and make amazing films. Here’s […]

Talkcast 137 – Granite Con Special

RIP Ray Bradbury Poll:  Which sci-fi movie do you wish was more like the book? Granite State Comicon is coming! Tonight’s guests are organizer Pat “Shadonda” Covey and artist Karen Gosselin.  Pat gave us the inside scoop on the guests (Joe Hill is rumored to make an appearance!) and warned con-goers to arrive early, because […]

Ray Bradbury – The Last Grand Master

The great authors of science fiction are often grouped into categories and historical time frames. First came the Innovators:  Jules Verne, Edgar Allan Poe, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. The next group are affectionately called the Grand Masters of Modern Science Fiction, a group that consists of four  amazing and talented men: Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac […]

TalkCast 136 – Kevin Harrington

Tonight’s show is a little different. Due to time constraints, our interview with guest Kevin Harrington is first, and then we move into a short News of the Week segment. Our guest on tonight’s show is Kevin Harrington, the force behind the Geek Week series of comedy shows, which “celebrate all of geek culture, including […]

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