TalkCast 138 – Anne Cain

Tonight’s guest is artist Anne Cain.  She works in several styles, which can be seen on her Tumblr and DeviantArt pages. We had a great time discussing her art, her experience at BCC, and her upcoming projects.

One Response to “TalkCast 138 – Anne Cain”

  1. Hi, Sci-Fi Saturday nighters!

    I’m geeked out that you liked my post of your wicked cool podcast and my honoring (?) you with Podcast of the Month for the month of May. I think your podcast deserves as many props as it can get.

    I understand how you feel about “broadcasting in a vacuum” – or in my case on Guardians of the Genre writing in a vacuum – so if my meager praise of your podcast helps fill that vacuum even a miniscule amount, that is makes me feel like my work on my blog is worth it.

    I haven’t been as excited by your mention of Guardians of the Genre on your podcast, since Commander USA showed one of my drawings on his show and mentioned my (mundane) name on TV; how’s that for an obscure genre reference for you?

    I appreciate your regular weekly podcast schedule more than you can imagine.

    Fritz “Doc” Freakenstein
    Unofficial Moderator and President of Guardians of the Genre!

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