Men in Black 3 Review

It’s rare for a film to find the right balance between science fiction and absolute fun. Seems like it happens once in a generation. In 1997, Men in Black showed audiences that fun mixed with science fiction can work on the big screen. Men in Black 3 continues that tradition.

Boris the Animal, one of the most feared aliens in the galaxy, escapes a lunar prison and travels back forty years to the past to kill the man who put him in moon-jail: Agent K. When Boris succeeds, thus altering the present, Agent J is the only one who remembers K’s long career. He travels back to 1969 to save K’s life, and the time-paradoxical hilarity ensues.

To be blunt and brutally honest…Men in Black 3 is a fun movie. This is the type of film where you can check your brain at the theatre ticket booth, sit back with your water-tower-sized popcorn and just enjoy the ride. Even if there obvious holes in the plot or the science that may warrant hours of discussion, the film was well-made, well acted, and funny.

One thing to note is Josh Brolin’s approach to a 1969 version of Tommy Lee Jones’ character, Agent K. Brolin hits every Lee Jones mark, from his mannerisms to his timing. That’s not an easy thing to pull off. The transition from Tommy Lee Jones to Josh Brolin was interesting to watch, since we as the audience are experiencing the same series of events as Agent J. Brolin’s performance adds consistency, because we’re still getting the same character in Agent K, even though there’s a lot less Tommy Lee Jones.

Overall, Men in Black 3 is the fun sci-fi movie experience that we’ve been missing.

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