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TalkCast 118 – Doug Jones

Facebook Poll Mal Reynolds is the most macho man in sci fi. RIP Nicol Williamson. The 10 Most Undignified Deaths in Sci-Fi. Casting for Green Arrow. ABC orders Beauty and the Beast pilot. NBC orders pilot for Beautiful People. Divorce destroys Star Trek Dream Home, which took 10 years to build. Starship Enterprise Table. Iron Sky debuts […]

Fiction Friday – The Search For Intelligent Life by Leigh Lane

The mystery of Leigh Lane is manifold. Living in Montana with her family, she is a writer of dark fiction, reminiscent of some of the most fear-inducing science fiction ever written. She has a unique sense of pace and a quirky use of words and juxtaposition  that makes even the most simple and straightforward of […]

TalkCast 117 – Ben Templesmith

 This week’s Facebook poll: The Raven is our readers’ favorite Poe story. The CW orders Green Arrow pilot and a reboot of Beauty and the Beast. SyFy’s Swamp Volcano & Arachnoquake. Will George Lucas stop making movies? Spielberg on Robopocalypse. Eight years ago, Paramount lost the rights to John Carter of Mars. Marcus Nispel directing Hack/Slash. BBC’s Sherlock confirmed […]

Fiction Friday – Torn Apart

    LJ Kentowski always wanted to be an FBI Agent. She pursued this dream for most of her formative years, throughout college, and passed the first round of tests. She also met her husband to be, and when the choice came to stay or go to the FBI, she stayed. Luckily for readers, since […]

TalkCast 116 – Resa Nelson Returns

Facebook poll: According to our listeners the best movie of 2011 was Super 8. Robert Downey Jr.’s plans for Iron Man III. J.J.Abrams revelas more about Star Trek 2. New Star Wars live action TV show to be named Underworld. Invent the real Star Trek Tricorder to win the next X Prize. Fox announces the end of […]

Fiction Friday – Karen A. Wyle’s The Baby

  Karen A. Wyle is a reader’s writer. She has two different genres in which she works, and her writing is based on what she is interested in and what she reads. She began writing at a very young age, and finished her first novel at age 10. Her website shows the duality of her […]

TalkCast 115 – David Johnson

In this week’s SFSN Facebook Poll, The Restaurant At The Edge Of The Universe is the finest place to have a drink on New Years Eve.  The Alien Brothel. Dollhouse’s Dichen Lachman is a new character on SyFy’s Being Human. Kickstarter Project fully funded for Lachman’s  film, Sunday Punch. Benedict Cumberpatch and Noel Clarke cast in […]

Fiction Friday – Resa Nelson’s The Dragonslayer Stories

In the coming weeks, Resa Nelson will once again join us on the podcast to talk about the second installment in her Dragonslayer Series: The Iron Maiden. I thought this week for Fiction Friday I would send all the readers a gift from her. If you follow the link below, it will take you to […]


It is getting harder and harder to define what a “gamer” is in a world that has embraced social and casual gaming. Most everyone I encounter routinely and actively plays games of one sort or another, and the extent of knowledge that people have about games is slowly rising. The community that I grew up […]

Movies I Wish You had Seen – Robot Stories

When science fiction is at its best it has heart. Movies as diverse as Alien and Bladerunner share this quality, as do the best of the best from blockbusters to indie art-house features. This is the case with Robot Stories, a compilation of four short films with a unifying dual theme: robots and souls.

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