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RAH – The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

Mycroft Holmes a computer, Manuel Garcia O’Kelly as a technician and Wyoming Knott as the love interest on a Botany Bay adventure on the Moon.  These are but a few of the main characters in this, one of RAH’s best kept secrets. As a guidebook for libertarians, Heinlein brings us a cautionary tale rich in […]

Trivia for 4.24.10

Answer the following question in the comments to win a copy of “Star Wars Breakbeats” by DJ Suckadelic. Which actress plays the Red Mist’s mother in KICK-ASS, and which superheroine did she used to play?

RAH – I Will Fear No Evil

In the continuing quest to bring to our readers some of Heinlein’s works, I have decided to focus today on one of his most misunderstood ones (second only to Starship Troopers).  In this novel, one written during the latter half of his prolific career, the reader is faced with a series of moral, ethical, and […]

Charity Auction for Jeanne Robinson

Edit 5.8.2010 Bid on our items now at: Dream for Jeanne Auctions Edit 4.28.2010 Added the 25th item, DJ Sucklord’s CD. Edit 4.23.2010:  If you would like to add a link on your site to this post in order to help promote the auction, you can use this code: <a href=”″ target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”” /></a> which […]


For the next few weeks, I will be posting about some of the works of Robert Anson Heinlein, as a run up to our special podcast on May 8th. This podcast will be the Second in our series of Authors Retrospectives, in which we will try to bring a cohesive sense to the body of […]

Trivia for 4.17.10

Answer the following question in the comments to win a flip folder courtesy of SheldonShirts! What is the name of the science fiction film with a dystopian future starring Bruce Dern and Huey Dewey and Louie?

Talkcast 27 – The Missing Man

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times: Upcoming events: It’s official: Harlan Ellison booked for May 29th! Browncoats Redemption coming to GraniteCon Manchester on May 23rd. May 8th, Robert Heinlein Retrospective featuring Spider Robinson. In Movies some very interesting independent stuff. Beyond The Iron Sky looks very intense. Piranha 3-D‘s […]

Thank you Boston Comic Con artists!

A big, BIG thank-you from all of us at Sci Fi Saturday Night to all the artists who generously took the time out of their packed schedules to contribute to our Jeanne Robinson charity jam sketches!  Thanks also to all of you who donated original artwork, prints, posters, and well-wishes to our fundraiser.  The outpouring […]

PKD’s (and David Mack’s) ELECTRIC ANT

The first issue of Philip K. Dick’s Electric Ant hit the stores this week like a psychic invasion.  Reading more like a copy of Heavy Metal than the latest release from Marvel Comics (which it is), Electric Ant hits all the right notes in introducing the reader to the mind of Philip K. Dick.  What […]

Trivia for 4.3.10

Answer the following question in the comments to win a NO LONGER AVAILABLE autographed copy of Robin Sloan’s book Annabelle Scheme. What kind of cars were used on the 70s Gerry Anderson live action series UFO?

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