Talkcast 27 – The Missing Man

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times:

Upcoming events:

It’s official: Harlan Ellison booked for May 29th!

Browncoats Redemption coming to GraniteCon Manchester on May 23rd.

May 8th, Robert Heinlein Retrospective featuring Spider Robinson.

In Movies some very interesting independent stuff.

Beyond The Iron Sky looks very intense. Piranha 3-D‘s director Alexandre Aja promises 3-D Double-D boobs and more bloody violence than Quenton Tarentino.IronMan has a new viral site.

In Genre Television:

Flash Forward continues to have great acting and scripts and shitty numbers and may not make the cut for next season. Chuck gets good numbers and lots of fun. Fringe has its best episode yet! Smallville returns; nothing happens. Are we surprised? Lost, is anyone still watching the Flash Sideways?

Some amazing  April Fools Web Jokes. The best ones we found were League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen 1988, Canned Unicorn Meat and Google Translate for Animals.


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