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Trivia for 12.05.2009

Answer the following question in the comments to win a copy of Marooned on Mogo autographed by Andrew Leiter (the author) and a sketch card from Frankie B. Washington. The book Day of the Triffids, which was the basis for 28 Days Later, was written by whom?

Get Sci-Fi Saturday Night to Arisia!

Unfortunately we did not meet our goal, and will not be at Arisia. We would really like to be at Arisia this year. However table space costs $10 per hour (in two hour blocks), and the Dome, Illustrator X and I are all tapped out from buying brain buttons. We really need your help! Please […]

When is a Remake Just Another Stupid Idea?

When Vampires are hot, that when! And, let’s face it, the vegetarian Vamps in Twilight are hot, if not even vaguely vampy. So, who is the idiot who came up with a reboot movie of the television series, Buffy, The Vampire Slayer? Not Joss Whedon.  This idea is being pushed by the people and studio […]

Star Trek 2009: the Undiscovered Scene

Much has been made of the good/bad film of the reboot of the Star Trek series. Some fanboys complain of the inconsistencies, others revel in the new regime. Whatever side of the fence you sit on; there has been one debate about this film from day one: SHATNER. Why was Nimoy in the film and […]

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