Get Sci-Fi Saturday Night to Arisia!

Unfortunately we did not meet our goal, and will not be at Arisia.

We would really like to be at Arisia this year. However table space costs $10 per hour (in two hour blocks), and the Dome, Illustrator X and I are all tapped out from buying brain buttons. We really need your help! Please use the button below to donate if you’d like to see us at Arisia. For every 20 dollars donated by Christmas we will apply for 2 hours of table space in Artist’s Alley/The Pro’s Nest. (whether they give it to us or not is obviously up to them)

Find more information about Arisa at

Edit: Upon more investigation renting a table does NOT get you into the show. So we need to raise money for registration as well as table space. Our funding goal is to get two days worth of table space and at least three of us into the show (for Sat. and Sun.) which comes out to about $370. I’ll post a running total of donations here:

Update #2: Since we have such a high minimum total needed to get in the door (up to 120 dollars just for three of us to get in for a day!) we won’t be able to go unless we hit that minimum. If we fail to gather that many donations, the money will go towards promotional materials for Sci Fi Saturday Night.

Donations so far: $50

Thanks to Derrick, MrWashy and Lisa!

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