When is a Remake Just Another Stupid Idea?

When Vampires are hot, that when! And, let’s face it, the vegetarian Vamps in Twilight are hot, if not even vaguely vampy. So, who is the idiot who came up with a reboot movie of the television series, Buffy, The Vampire Slayer? Not Joss Whedon.  This idea is being pushed by the people and studio who did the original Buffy move, NOT the TV Series.  Here’s who else is coming out against the idea:

Alyson Hannigan – “that’s a very big mistake in my opinion.”

Anthony Stewart-Head – “I wouldn’t want to see it, no.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar – no interest in any Buffy comeback at all since forever

Also not on board, the main writer, Marti Noxon.

This is a bad idea, and just a sad reason to make a quick buck at the expense of fans who should know better than to pay a cent to see this, sans what made it flower from a very very schlocky B movie to a landmark TV Series. Joss, find a new vehicle soon. There’s not much out there

This is Dome sayin:  “Pert. Wholesome. Way Lethal.”, does NOT describe my first wife!

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