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Talkcast 8

Special guest host Mike Himan from Airlock Alpha. We wish Brett from Double Midnight Comics and Collectibles , a happy birthday and chat about their Munchkin demo. We had a discussion of the New England con-scene, and a warning about unestablished cons. Discussion with the creators of the new Sci-Fi cartoon Skullduggery, Derrick, Ed, and […]

V – 4 Down, None To Go

So, Last night was the last of the “Premiere Event” launching of V and all I have to say is, “yawn.” After 4 episodes, the world is supposed to wait until March for new stuff and my question is, for what. After a month, here is what we know:

Talkcast 7

The discussion over what is wrong with Fox wraps up and the winner of last weeks trivia question is announced. Reviews of the season finale of Smallville, and the anticipated premiere of next season, and the “slaughtering” of The Prisoner remake. Ctrl is an engaging new web series. Finally an interview with Chris Lackey and […]

Episode 1 of Skullduggery

Watch the episode! SKULLDUGGERY! Episode 1 from Raging Vole on Vimeo.

Trivia for 11.28.2009

Answer this question from the skullduggery cartoon at What’s the name of the leader of the Patchwork group? to win: Issues 1 and 2 of 23 Skidoo autographed by Brian Belanger. Leave your answer as a comment on this post!

Trivia for 11.21.2009

What Lovecraft story has director Guillermo del Toro repeatedly promised to make? Leave a comment on this post with your answer to win:

RIP Boneyard

There’s a lot of great comics series wrapping up right now.  Rex Mundi, an alternate-history look at the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery that puts Dan Brown to shame.  Ex Machina, where a would-be superhero, knowing that with great power comes great responsibility, uses his powers to run for public office.  And now, Boneyard.

Website Updates: What’s new and what’s to come…

Lately we’ve been receiving a lot of feedback regarding both the show and the website. To everyone who has contacted us to offer your opinion: thanks! It’s always helpful to hear what you love about us and what we could improve upon. So in the interest of keeping everyone well informed here’s what’s going on:

Talkcast 6

In which we mourn the passing of Dollhouse, and ask ourselves “What’s wrong with FOX?”.

Closing the Dollhouse Door

Yes, it’s true, Fox has axed yet another of Joss Whedon’s wonderful and groundbreaking shows. While the first season’s low ratings were overlooked by the company, the second season was not so lucky. The November sweeps numbers dropped even further, and Fox decided that it was not a worthwhile investment to continue the show through […]

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