Trivia for 11.28.2009

Answer this question from the skullduggery cartoon at
What’s the name of the leader of the Patchwork group?

to win:

Issues 1 and 2 of 23 Skidoo autographed by Brian Belanger.
23 Skidoo

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3 Responses to “Trivia for 11.28.2009”

  1. mkinson

    The Sorceress Pepper is listed as the head of the freedom fighting team, though it could be a joint leadership position with “legendary zombie fighter Captain Patch, and the super genius land fish Marseux”.

    Overall, what an incredible concept, though if you can throw in pirates and robots I think you’ll have an epic show on your hand.

  2. mkinson

    As a side note to the cast, vampires would have an aversion to the radiation cast by the fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium..

    “The Sun has a spectral class of G2V, with the G2 meaning that its color is yellow and its spectrum contains spectral lines of ionized and neutral metals as well as very weak hydrogen lines, and the V signifying that it, like most stars, is a “dwarf” star on the main sequence.” –

    In any case, there is a very specific radiation spectrum involved that’s dependent upon the size of the star, the stars composition, and the stage of the star. I think of vampires being burned by sunlight in the same way that I view a microwave burning a marshmallow.

    An adjustment in the radiation may still cause problems, but in a far different way.. though I dont know how susceptible the undead are to tumors or other cancerous growths..

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