RIP Boneyard

There’s a lot of great comics series wrapping up right now.  Rex Mundi, an alternate-history look at the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery that puts Dan Brown to shame.  Ex Machina, where a would-be superhero, knowing that with great power comes great responsibility, uses his powers to run for public office.  And now, Boneyard.

Boneyard, for those of you who didn’t know, was a great comedy-adventure indie series by Richard Moore.  The premise was simple:  Michael Paris inherits a cemetery, and by default, all its Nightmare Before Christmas-type residents.  Mayhem ensues.  Think Berke Breathed and Phil Foglio collaborating on Dark Shadows, with all the quirkiness and heart they could muster, and you’ll get the idea.  It was well-written, very well-drawn and funny as all hell.  And since it was an independent series that had nothing to do with superheroes, it’s gone.  As Richard Moore himself says in the final issue, “As one grows older, romantic phrases like ‘labor of love’ begin to seem slightly less important than ‘I’d like to eat tonight'”.

As someone who lost a few grand himself publishing his own indie series, I wholeheartedly sympathize with you, Mr. Moore.  All I can offer are my sincerest thanks and praise for a great series that I will truly miss.  Hopefully, these original, endearing characters — Abbey, Michael, Nessie, Brutus, Glump, etc. — will someday return and your story can have the ending it deserved.  Until then, I urge our readers to discover Boneyard for themselves.  NBM Publishing has collected the entire series in trade paperbacks, reasonably priced for your holiday budget.  You can order them direct from the publisher at, or wherever finer comic books are sold.  And if your local store doesn’t stock them, well… that’s why I had to write this melancholy post in the first place.  Shame.

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  1. Zombrarian

    Well I’m adding this to my “must be read” list!

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