Talkcast 6

In which we mourn the passing of Dollhouse, and ask ourselves “What’s wrong with FOX?”.


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3 Responses to “Talkcast 6”

  1. empressith

    I feel like Fox picks up shows like Firefly but doesn’t support them. It is almost like they are
    okay with the failure of shows that have overarching storylines. If you will recall one of the
    most successful shows of the last ten years is Lost, which has a ton of overarching storyarcs.

    It’s not like the viewer can’t handle them. It’s that Fox doesn’t want to give us a chance.

    Oh yeah, and I loved Futurama. And the Simpsons needs to go. It needed to go about five
    years ago.

    Big Bang Theory FTW!

  2. Danielb

    Very informative, thankyou. answer to the trivia
    Q: What is wrong with Fox
    A: Fox is a mispelled, it should be smallPox.

    Serenity NOW!!!!! Never giveup, never surrender.

  3. mkinson

    Fox has good intentions, but they lack faith… oh the irony.

    I think Fox is able to recognize potential, but they lack the patience (and time slots) for a good show to make it big. Dollhouse is one of three shows I currently watch regularly (the other two being Fringe and the Big Bang Theory), and although I think it’s one of the few shows that actually has a viable plot I also recognize how it wouldnt have a high popularity to the family scene.

    We’re talking about possibly unwilling prostitutes being sold to the highest bidder. Not kid-friendly, which is part of its appeal to me.

    But, with luck NBC will pick it up. They already run Law & Order SVU and Jay Leno, which makes Dollhouse look more like Full House..

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