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TalkCast 534 – Duatero’s Just Another Word For Nothin’ Left To Lose

In this show we get the chance to talk with world builder Brad C. Anderson and how he used the meta-concept of a “generation ship” to help propel a wonderful new novel about lost pasts and new futures, Duatero. We spoke with Brad about the many facets and wonderful gambits he used throughout the book […]

TalkCast 533 – The Gods Suck (Or So I Am Told)

Of all the things you can say about a book by Miles Cameron, it is NEVER boring and this is no exception. Against All Gods is a magnum opus encompassing continents and characters and events that is breathtaking in scope and you need a scorecard and map to keep track of. That being said, once […]

TalkCast 532 – Can I Offer You A Root Beer?

In the land of snarky comic science fiction there is a place where you go and someone yells out “NORM!!!!” or perhaps in this case “VANCE!!!”, as in this ‘Cast we are once again joined by C.T. Phipps and his sometimes partner in crime, the enigmatic Michael Suttkus to discuss book two of their space […]

TalkCast 531 – Just Like Jack Vance, Only Spicier?

Who are “The Paladins of Vance”? Well, this ‘Casts guest, Matthew Hughes most certainly is. So, what does it mean, what do they do? We talk with Matthew about this and his amazing book Barbarians of The Beyond. It turns out that Matthew has an affinity with the work of the late Mr. Vance (as […]

TalkCast 530 – They Call it Plastic City, Bubba

In this ‘Cast, we speak with Keith Gleason, the guy with many hats. We talk about his podcast Indie Comics Relay with Johnny C (LOVE YOUR COFFEE, man) and we spend some time talking about his own personal comic Mighty Mascots on Alterna Comics. We also talk about sci fi on tv which we all […]

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