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Welcome to The Writer’s Block!

It was a typical Friday night. After putting in eight hours at work, I came home, collected a table I needed to drop off at my mother’s house, and picked up my husband on our way out to dinner before grocery shopping. I needed to finish up first edits on an anthology, work on a […]

TalkCast 318 – Jackie Leduc

The absolutely charming Jackie joins us to talk all about her, her writing and the fun she is having. When she was 14 she had her first book, Bloody Nightmares, published. Now, at 16, she has her second book out, The Demonic Eye. We talked about how her love of words and reading was    by […]

TalkCast 317 – Michael Mitchell Returns !

Michael Mitchell is the CEO, Creator, Head Writer, Artist and Inker of Mitchell Comics and Zombie Sub-920. He joins us to talk about 2 new “One Shot” projects: The “true events”  UFO’s Over Exeter, and A Flight Aboard Freedom 7 with Alan Shepard. We also talk about his tie in with the new exhibit at […]

Keeping It Ghastly: I Am A Hero omnibus vol 1

“Keeping It Ghastly” is a bi weekly article on Japanese horror comics which have English print editions. Some are from famous authors, others are from unknowns and underground artist circles. Either way, it’s going to be to a terrifying/awesome ride to keep horror manga on our bookshelves! Hideó Suzuki has a hard time with social […]

TalkCast 316 – Two or Three Guests

Our first duo of guests tonight is Daniel G Keohane who also writes as G. Daniel Gunn, depending on the story (note: each author has his own website.). Dan talks about the different style he writes in and why each is important to him. We talked about the themes underlying His current novel Plague of […]

TalkCast 315 – Books For YA & Middle Grades

Jenise Aminoff & Susan Jane Bigelow join us to discuss the craziness that is the Kickstarter of their new books The Witch’s Kitchen and The Demon Girl’s Song. Jenise talks about her secret identity, Dianna Sanchez , and why she feels it’s so important to use it. This is her debut novel. She also shares details […]

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