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TalkCast 315 – Books For YA & Middle Grades

Jenise Aminoff & Susan Jane Bigelow join us┬áto discuss the craziness that is the Kickstarter of their new books The Witch’s Kitchen and The Demon Girl’s Song. Jenise talks about her secret identity, Dianna Sanchez , and why she feels it’s so important to use it. This is her debut novel. She also shares details […]

TalkCast 96 – The Sky Pirates of Valendor

Old TV is new TV. Less Peter, more Walter on Fringe. Melissa Marr books. This weeks SFSN Facebook Poll, Your Favorite Immortal was… Dick Clark. Geek Girl Poster raises money for The Hero Initiative. Women of Wonder Day raises money for Domestic Violence Charities.     Our guests tonight are Susan & Everett Soares, to […]

Writers To Watch Out For:

Over the past months we here at Sci Fi Saturday Night have been talking to self-published authors in various stages of their work. There are those like Tracy Hickman, who began in traditional publications and moved slowly into select elegant self-publishing projects. There are the success stories, like HP Mallory who began as self published […]

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