Writers To Watch Out For:

Over the past months we here at Sci Fi Saturday Night have been talking to self-published authors in various stages of their work. There are those like Tracy Hickman, who began in traditional publications and moved slowly into select elegant self-publishing projects. There are the success stories, like HP Mallory who began as self published and turned that into a 3 book deal and there are those who work their craft among a growing community of like minded writers and readers who are embracing the new publishing/consumer model. I want to take some time here to introduce you all to two writers to watch out for:

Guardian of Morning

I was first introduced to Samantha Boyette when we were asked to review The Last Man Anthology and one of the stories that stood out in my mind was Sam’s “Life of a Child”. If you haven’t read her work do so here. I especialy recommend her award winning novel, Prime, it’s a sexy work.

I was asked to read her newest novel Guardian of Morning, the story of 2 young girls, Kara Hart and Dylan Perry. The title is evocative, but the reader is kept in the semi-darkness as to its true meaning for a long portion of the book. That begs the question, “what is this book about?” By the end, the reader discovers that it is a story of awakening, a quest to find ones true self in a world that does its damnedest to deny you.

And it’s not just one world, it’s three:  our world, Inbetween and Daylands. Each universe has its own laws, ecology, social structure, and  hazards. Throughout the beginning of the quest for identity and redemption Kara and Dylan learn about themselves, the roles they play, and the tasks they must overcome to live the love they feel for each other. It is in many ways a coming of age story, a growing together story, and most of all a love story.

Samantha writes in a style that invites the reader inside the lives of her characters. She gives her universes depth and substance. Her use of words paints pictures for the reader, so that you are always right there with the characters. Her characters have a depth and substance that is simply breathtaking. It would be very easy to fall in love with Kara.



The Vampire's Warden

I was introduced to Stephanie Wright’s work by a friend of a friend, as is often the case in this community. I grabbed onto her Twitter feed, checked out her web presence, and after we started a casual email relationship, I asked for a review copy of her book, The Vampire’s Warden, which she sent to me.

This novel is a retelling of the classic story of personal reality gone askew. Sarah Brightman’s world quickly unravels after the death of her father, she is onsumed with the tasks of keeping the family inn working, taking care of her sister Katie, and surviving in a small town. She then comes face to face with the ugly reality of what her life is to become as she reads her grandfathers journal and learns the truth about the land the inn stands on and the awful responsibility she now has. When you add mysterious Michael and Alex to the mix and begin to get glimpses their life stories, the full magnitude of the glade in the far back begins to unfold. This is the beginning of a simply spellbinding series, and I cannot wait for the next installment.

What these writers all have in common is the desire to tell a story, and they have two very compellingly different stories to tell. In a time when independent artists in all forms are finding an outlet, these are shining stars, writers to watch as they grow brighter, writers to watch out for.

This is Dome, sayin’: Give them a read.

3 Responses to “Writers To Watch Out For:”

  1. SamanthaB

    Thanks for all the kind words Dome. I’d like to point out that the cover art on my book is an image by Alvis Hamilton. You can find more from this great photographer here: http://alvishamilton.deviantart.com/

  2. RDaneelOlivaw

    I’ve had the great privilege of reading most of Samantha’s writing–much of which the public has yet to see. Her writing is consistently superb, and she’s most definitely one to watch out for. There’s lots more great stuff to come! She has another story that she’s writing on textnovel called “Through the Loop”; you can read it here: Through the Loop

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