Welcome to The Writer’s Block!

It was a typical Friday night. After putting in eight hours at work, I came home, collected a table I needed to drop off at my mother’s house, and picked up my husband on our way out to dinner before grocery shopping. I needed to finish up first edits on an anthology, work on a book trailer for a novel my press was putting out next month, and hopefully, write two thousand words before bed. That’s where my head was at when this text came in from the Dome:

So . . . what’s going on?
I replied honestly: Work, work, and more work.
Dome: Want a little more?

The Dome had an idea: have a recurring blog feature on the Sci-Fi Saturday Night website, showcasing authors and the writing life in general. Since I knew a lot of writers (being one myself—we tend to gather in flocks) and already wrote about the writing life for a couple different sites, would I be interested in hosting it?

Let me tell you a bit about myself before I continue: I am a full-time copy editor. That’s how I keep the roof over my head. I also freelance edit at night, plus, I’m a writer. I have a couple of books out and am always at work on the next one; I also provide content for several different websites.

I also own a small press. I am the one who reads the slush pile, selects the books, edits them, contacts and hires cover artists, handles layout and formatting, uploads the files, pores over the final proof, tracks sales, and distributes royalties.

My point is, I have a lot on my plate—all the time.

But here’s the other point: it was the Dome asking.

I love the Dome. He’s quirky and funny and a dreamer. He’s one of my biggest cheerleaders, and always puts a smile on my face. There is little I wouldn’t do for him if he asked. And he rarely asks.

So was I willing to do a little more? Could I really shoehorn in another monthly writing commitment among everything else I was already juggling?

It was the Dome. What the hell—I could juggle a little faster.

I’m happy to announce that what you’re reading here is the debut of The Writer’s Block, a monthly feature in which I’ll be talking about the trials, tribulations, and joys of being an author. I’ll also be bringing you fabulous free fiction from some of my favorite writer friends, and their reflections on the crazy, wonderful world of wordsmithing.

Buckle up, won’t you? It’s going to be a hell of a ride.

3 Responses to “Welcome to The Writer’s Block!”

  1. What, there are joys to being an author…where, what, how, when…especially when. I have another place to bookmark, sounds tres fascinating, and I just might learn something.

  2. Stacey L

    Thanks, Tim! 🙂

  3. Welcome to the madhouse.

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