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Super 8: A Review

Super 8 is a fun-filled and action-packed superhero summer blockbuster. After eight superscientists are exposed to experimental hyper-nano radiation, each one manifests incredible superpowers. There’s Trickle, with the power of incessant dripping, Luminesca, who can always set a room to mood lighting, The Leveler, bringing your frames to straightened justice, Standoffish, always keeping evil to one […]

TalkCast 87 – L. Neil Smith

The reboot of the entire DC Universe. Fox to do King Kong animation from the gorilla POV. Britain ill equipped for the zombie apocalypse. British Film Board rejects Human Centipede II. Roy Skelton, voice of the Daleks, dies. Tron Legacy 2? Michael J. Fox to do voice in BTTF Video Game. Star Wars Kinect Game […]

Roundup: Shows We Love That Love Sci-Fi

Very occasionally on the podcast we get to talk about shows that are not technically speculative fiction, but really like to reference it. Some of these shows, like The Big Bang Theory, we can talk about a lot, because they reference geek culture almost constantly, but there are many shows out there worthy of watching […]


  I’ll be honest, when I first started watching Doctor Who reruns as a kid, I was a bigger fan of the human(ish) villains than the monster types. The Valeyard, the Rani, the Master (RIP Anthony Ainley), these characters were fascinating, oozing schemes out of their ears, a true mental match for the Doctor, right […]


When the regular TV season ends, I start digging out old favorites on DVD. This week’s pick is Miracles, a short lived show that ran on ABC in January of 2003. Of the 13 episodes, only 6 ran.  These were aired in such a spaced out, convoluted fashion that it would have made Fox proud. […]

The Crow Graphic Novel Revisited

Originally released in 1993, this classic urban gothic tale of tragedy and revenge came from a personal loss of artist/writer/creator James O’Barr. The Crow graphic novel is an intense arrangement of art, lyrical verse, anger, sadness and a story that is not meant to be entertaining, yet is satisfying to read.

The Multiverse – Physics Catches up with Sci-Fi

In earlier pieces here I’ve talked about the Heinlein “multiverse” and how I consider the idea of parallel universes one of the successful predictions of science fiction. Along comes physicist Brian Greene to support that assertion in a far more elegant way than I could. His book The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep […]

Isaac Asimov’s “Nightfall”: The Triumph of Ignorance

In honor of the special tribute to Isaac Asimov on the podcast this week I thought I’d share some thoughts on one of his superlative short stories (almost always ranked as one of the top sci-fi short stories all time), “Nightfall”. Although written when he was only 21, it captures two of the key elements […]

Harlan Ellison’s Phoenix Without Ashes Review

Harlan Ellison’s graphic novel Phoenix Without Ashes is a story that grabs you by the collar and and wastes no time shoving you into the fray. Ellison pulls no punches in his first comic in fifteen years.

Talkcast 86 – Ben Bova

Isaac Asimov’s Letter to a new Library Tonight Ben Bova talks to us about his relationship with the legendary Isaac Asimov (and his limericks). He also tells us about his book Leviathans of Jupiter.

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