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No Podcast tonight…

Hi All, Although we’ve been having so much fun at Comicon, we’re completely exhausted… So in lieu of a half-assed show where we basically say, “We had fun and now we’re tired. Goodnight.”, we’ve decided not to do the show tonight. We’ll be back next week at out regularly scheduled time. Love and kisses, Kriana

Simak’s Dystopia, or a World Gone to the Dogs

City by Clifford D. Simak There are any number of well known authors in science fiction (e.g., Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke, Vonnegut), and I’ve written about two of them in previous articles. There are other significant authors who are not as well known, however, and I thought I’d introduce one of them through one of his […]

Beginner’s Guide to the Guild Season 1

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned online gamer or if you’ve never been on a quest. When you watch The Guild, a web series about a group of gamers whose online partnerships cross over into the real world, all you can do is sit back and watch the hilarity ensue. The Guild was created […]

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TalkCast 81 – Mind’s Eye

  RIP Elisabeth Sladen. Doctor Who Season 6 begins. John DeLancie joins the cast of Torchwood. Fringe continues. The Cast of the ‘cast will be at Boston Comic Con next week. New feature on the website: Fiction Friday. Toni LoTempio is donating sales of her novel to “Kids Need To Read” Game of Thrones renewed after […]

Fiction Friday – The New World by Samantha Boyette

  So, for our first installment of Fiction Friday, I have the honor of reintroducing one of my favorite up and coming authors to you. Samantha Boyette has been on the TalkCast in conjunction with The Last Man Anthology, and I have also reviewed her new novel, Guardian of Morning. Being a somewhat sarcastic tweeter, […]

The Summer of Our Contentedness

  Move over Shakespeare and Steinbeck, after a discontent winter (can anyone say, “Skyline”?), we are quickly approaching what has all the trappings of being a dynamic summer of Sci Fi Movies. Yet both the media and blogosphere are abuzz with general  suck y attitudes, fanboy complainers, and bad vibes aplenty. Well, Dome is here […]

Fiction Friday

In an on-going attempt to bring “new and unusual stuff” to our viewers, Sci Fi Saturday Night is proud to present a new feature that we have dubbed Fiction Friday. Here’s the idea; you are a writer, aspiring or established. You (like us) want to bring your ideas to a wider audience. What better place to submit your […]

We’ll Miss You Sarah Jane

I began my lifelong love affair with Doctor Who in ’96, right after the made-for-tv movie aired and I was twelve years old. It didn’t take me long to discover old episodes of the show would play every Friday night from 10 to midnight. It wasn’t a school night so I was allowed to stay […]

A (Partial) Robert A. Heinlein Reading Primer

” Robert Heinlein ” Oil on Panel © 2009 Donato Giancola Recently I put together a reading list of Robert Heinlein’s books for one of the other contributors to SFSN. He didn’t realize that many were thematically related, and that there was a “best” order in which to read them, which I pointed out. He […]

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