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TalkCast 58 – All Hallows Eve Fright

Tonight, we eat drink and be merry ¬†with horror writer C.J. Henderson. Terry Gillaims new short film, Legend of Hallodega. Love it or hate it, Glee Rocky Horror. (via TV Squad) Syfy Kill Caprica. (via Airlock Alpha) Syfy’s iPhone app for Ghost Hunting. (via Airlock Alpha) Roland Emmerich’s Alien Invasion Movie. (via Heat Vision) Our […]

You Know What Happens When One Assumes…

Title: My Best Friend is a Wookie Author: Tony Pacitti Format: Hardcover (also available for Kindle) I will admit that I approached Tony Pacitti’s memoir My Best Friend is a Wookie with some trepidation. The cover was adorable, but I feared that what lurked behind it would be trite platitudes and some sickening fanwank about […]

The Walking Dead on AMC

When a television show begins its premiere episode with a cop shooting a zombie girl, exploding her head, the viewer has no doubt about where the show is going.¬† As I watched the first episode, I was giddy, finally a television series that was respectful of its source material. The overnights are calling it the […]

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