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Trivia for 11.14.2009

Subjective question this week – the answer that we like best will win. Here’s the question: What is wrong with FOX? If your answer is selected, you’ll win an art booklet by the beautiful Tracy Lee Quinn. This will be open until next week’s show! Tune in next week to find out who wins.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to be present at the New England Fan Experience this weekend. We apologize to everyone who was looking forward to seeing us there, or watching us broadcast from the event. The talkcast will proceed tonight from everyone’s normal location. We are no longer in any way […]

Talkcast 5: Dr. Shroud and TV Formats

Talkcast 5 includes a chat with Dr. Shroud creator Rob Feldman, an update from Travis on the Granite State Skeptics’ ghost hunt, and a lively discussion about writing strategies for science fiction television series. Enjoy!

The Joke’s on Your DVR & V/4400

Today, Twin Topics.  First, let’s talk about the joke of ratings. In these modern times, there are many ways to ”watch” a TV show. So, when ratings come out that ONLY reflect who was watching a show during its “broadcast”, it is a disingenuous number at best. At worst, it is a hatchet, used to […]

Trivia Question for 11.7.2009

Answer this question by commenting on this post: What was the name of the first animated Dr. Shroud story arc? to win Sky Pirates 1-5 courtesy of Free Lunch Comics!

Talkcast 4

In which we have a very special Halloween episode. Guests: Sam Costello (Split Lip) Travis Roy (Granite State Skeptics) Joe Haley (The Underburbs) Sponsors: Artist: Christopher Gibbs Novelist: Dan Graffeo Comic: The Underburbs Comic: Split Lip

V & November Sweeps

What can I say? If you were a fan of the original series, you were waiting for this reboot. With no World Series game on last night, and very light competition, the ratings were “good”, BUT you have only 4 episodes and then you wait until March or April to see the rest.  On the […]

We have a winner!

Congratulations to JUSTIN VIEL of Lawrence MA — the winner of the weekend pass to the upcoming New England Fan Expo! Justin will also be receiving a personalized autograph from Leonard Nimoy himself! Thank you to everyone who entered the contest! Keep listening — more prizes and giveaways every week!

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