The Joke’s on Your DVR & V/4400

Today, Twin Topics.

 First, let’s talk about the joke of ratings. In these modern times, there are many ways to ”watch” a TV show. So, when ratings come out that ONLY reflect who was watching a show during its “broadcast”, it is a disingenuous number at best. At worst, it is a hatchet, used to cut a viable entity from the network programming, while suits (I HATE FOX) sanctimoniously hold up a number like a bought off judge in the Winter Olympics.

 Never has this ridiculous standard of measurement been more abused than in this current season. Never mind time shifting on HULU or on the networks’ OWN DAMN WEBSITES! Let’s talk ONLY about DVR shifting that can be measured. Three shows have to be reassessed by their respective networks:

Fringe – ABC      Even though JJ Abrams says confidence is high for the sophomore series, the numbers are dismal until you add in DVR, and then the viewership jumps over 40%. Not too bad considering what it is up against.

 Dollhouse – FOX               Over 55% increase in viewership ONLY with DVR usage added in. God forbid FOX would have the foresight to see what they have. Live viewers only tell a small portion of the total intake. Joss Whedon needs to make the suits understand he can’t have another Firefly happen to him.

 Heroes – NBC    Lets face reality, NBC is getting beat up by Univision in the ratings, and there will, in all probability be a good housecleaning of the suits in brisk order, BUT, when you add in DVR numbers, Heroes viewership increases by 30%. The sooner someone over there smartens up and gets Chuck back on the air, the better off they will all be!

 Other Sci-Fi programs caught in the “Not Watching It When Its Broadcast” dilemma are  Flash Forward and The Big Bang Theory.

 Unless you suits are going to embrace new technology and factor it in when you assess viewership, you are doomed to become less and less of a driver in the entertainment industry. You could very well end up like NBC!

On a happier note, the second episode of V aired last night and I have to honestly tell you, I was impressed on a number of levels.

First, the script, acting and CGI effects were a hoot to watch. I can honestly say I was having a hell of a good time.

Second, The character of the priest and the 4400 references were so damn funny, not to be outdone with the Wash and Firefly references, I love inside jokes and there were a ton of ’em last night.

Finally, with only two more episodes left to go before the big sleep till spring, I am actually looking forward to seeing what they are going to cliffhang us with. This is a fun ride, so , my hint is, don’t miss it.

 This is Dome, sayin’: Was the address on that warehouse REALLY 4400?

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