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Capricorn 1 Redeux – Or maybe not UPDATED

 So let’s all go back to a simpler time, before OJ “didn’t” kill his wife, before James Brolan  didn’t marry “her”, before  we faked that whole moon landing thing just to screw with the Russians (who can forget the smoldering sensuality of Karen Black?). So, there we were, Hu-Mans looking out on the vast universe, […]

DCU animated R.I.P.

When DC cancelled its Justice League Unlimited comic book series a few months ago, it closed the door on the greatest version of its universe ever, save perhaps for Kirby’s Fourth World. The animated DC world, starting with the Batman cartoons of the 90s, then continuing with Superman and finally Justice League, were smart, sleek, […]

2008-Clarke and Laine

In December 2007, on the occasion of his 90th. Birthday, Arthur C Clarke sent a message to the world via You Tube. In it, he discussed what mankind could become over the next century and the foolishness we have perpetrated on one another during the past millennium.  In March, 2008, he passed away and those […]

What Costs ¥240 Million and is sure to put a smile on Your Brides Face?

 So, for the man who has wished for anything and has unlimited resources, a Japanese company is offering the finest in New Bride accessories, the Zero-G Cosmic Consummation. An effort of Japanese firm First Advantage and American Rocketplane Global, Inc., this lovely wedding allows a Bride and Groom to have the most “interesting” of weddings… […]

When Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact: Issue 1

 Waterworld, the horrible movie with Kevin Costner, based on the not quite so horrible script by Peter Radar and David Twohy, depicts an apocalyptic future where, due to Al Gore, global warming covers most of the earth in water, hence the title. Matt Drudge aside, there is mounting evidence that Al knew what he was […]

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