When Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact: Issue 1

 Waterworld, the horrible movie with Kevin Costner, based on the not quite so horrible script by Peter Radar and David Twohy, depicts an apocalyptic future where, due to Al Gore, global warming covers most of the earth in water, hence the title. Matt Drudge aside, there is mounting evidence that Al knew what he was talking about and that Nobel Prize may have been right?? HEY JEANNE CAVELOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO SUCH THING AS GLOBAL WARMING, HUH????? (Sorry, I had to do that).Well, fellow kids, it seems as if plans are being made to turn our future into a massive episode of Sea Hunt (I call Lloyd Bridges!) The London daily Mail  has a wonderful/frightening article (with picture yummyness) from Soylent News( Soylent Green is people!!!!!!!!!). Lillypad cities  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1031438/Pictured-The-floating-cities-day-house-climate-change-refugees.html  are shown as the rational alternative to dwindling landmass and resources. It is shown as a long term solution to our ever increasing needs, providing more energy than it uses and zero emission of Carbon Dioxide.

So here are the musings of Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut, and his solution for the rising tides, as it were. Ity beats the hell out of Kevin Costner.

This is Dome saying….Drink Up!

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