What Costs ¥240 Million and is sure to put a smile on Your Brides Face?

 So, for the man who has wished for anything and has unlimited resources, a Japanese company is offering the finest in New Bride accessories, the Zero-G Cosmic Consummation. An effort of Japanese firm First Advantage and American Rocketplane Global, Inc., this lovely wedding allows a Bride and Groom to have the most “interesting” of weddings… and… well…… (Hal? Don’t do that, Hal!). Todays issue of Space.com has the lowdown on the downlow as it were


I could spend 10 pages of innuendos that might include:

Free Fallin’ (thank you Tom Petty)

NO, No, That’s my arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was it good for the Wookie, too?

But I shall refrain. The inevitable reality is that it has probably already has happened, so being the “First” in space is so no longer an option, BUT we might have to change the line “..in space, no one can hear you scream….with passion” Understand, I am not at all taking this concept seriously, so props to Jeanna Bryner, for an insightful and fact filled article with little or no silliness. (HEY JEANNE! Not only were there bathrooms on the Enterprise but there were bedrooms too!  Just because Capt. Picard never said “Number One, take the helm because I need to…you know….number one…”, doesn’t mean it never happened.) For some insight into why long range missions need to have an understanding of the “human condition” feel free to read Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert Heinlein.

This is Dome saying…… forget it, I can’t stop giggling……….

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