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We’ll Miss You Sarah Jane

I began my lifelong love affair with Doctor Who in ’96, right after the made-for-tv movie aired and I was twelve years old. It didn’t take me long to discover old episodes of the show would play every Friday night from 10 to midnight. It wasn’t a school night so I was allowed to stay […]

Beginner’s Guide to Dark Shadows

My name is Maynard Winter. My journey is beginning. A journey that I hope will open the doors of gothic horror to me. With the theatrical adaptation of Dark Shadows looming just a year away, my goal is to watch as much of the original series as I can, and share my thoughts on the […]

In Defense of the Outlandish

A frequent topic of conversation on SFSN involves the merits (or lack thereof) of new sci-fi series or movies.  In the broader universe of sci-fidom, some believe that that good science fiction must be based on only reasonable extrapolations of current scientific knowledge.  Others, myself included, believe that many of the best sci fi stories […]

Rest easy, soldier: RIP Nicholas Courtney

Nicholas Courtney, known to generations of Dr. Who fans as “The Brigadier”, has passed away.  With him passes an era of Dr. Who that fans of the new Doctors will never know.  He was the Watson to the Doctor’s Holmes; a solid, stolid companion who stood on his own with no desire to chase after […]

Watson, come here. I want you.

Famous words spoken by Thomas Alva Edison carry a whole new meaning next week as Watson, the IBM computing system, will compete over 3 consecutive days against Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings. Each of the human contestants will donate 50% of their earnings to charity and IBM will donate all of Watson’s winning. The winner […]

Dune Retrospective

I recently decided to watch the Dune movie for the first time from beginning to end it was with the kind of trepidation that a true fan always has toward another take on a story they love. I knew the movie was bad, but how bad I didn’t know. I figured that, as with the Lord of the Rings movies and the Star Wars prequels, it was my job to know them. So I sat down with the movie Dune, and the miniseries Dune and Children of Dune, a few beers, and watched. Here is what I learned.

Syfy does Christmas, hijinks ensue

The one thing missing lately from the corporate and media three ring circus of consumerism that is Christmas, is quality TV Christmas specials. Standard shows have standard plots with a dash of gingerbread or a sprinkle of tinsel, but other than the oft re-run claymation specials, there’s just no pizzazz left in Christmas. That is– […]

The Archeological Exploration of Doctor Who: Part 1

William, William…

I just spent the last 6 hours desperately trying to finish Sonic 4 while you nattered about in the background. Now, as your final set of episodes plays in front of me, all I can feel about the situation is…

Am I mad? I don’t even know!

I admit that I am behind on The Walking Dead (I have not yet seen the November 21 episode).  And usually, I would leave commentary on the show to The Dome so as not to clog the blog (heh. poet=me).  Don’t worry, this isn’t about to become a blog solely dedicated to The Walking Dead, […]

Ted Sturgeon’s Second Law and Episode Two of The Walking Dead

As Yoda would say, “Tired, I become, of all the haters I hear,” and yes, Yoda is correct. Episode 2 of the Walking Dead was great fun and yet the haters and snarks and grumblers in the Inter-webs abound with every stupid comment one can conceive about why it’s just not good. I argue that […]

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