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And Now For Something Completely Different, A Comments Section that Actually Works

For the past months, since the reorganization of SCIFICO and the major redo of the online segment of our megacorperation, one of the things missing from the site has been the ability for you, the reader,to comment, without sending me an email, and may I say, it has been cumbersome for me to constantly delete […]

Reader Mailbag – Too Many People Agree with Me that I AM An Idiot!

OK kids, on a fairly irregular basis, I will pretend to answer all the hate mail I get as well as the occasional love note.

On my series of articles about the Sci Fi network, John from Colorado wanted to know why I hated Mansquito. OK John, if in fact that is your real name, I have a list of things for you to do:

Theatre of the Mind – Making The Case for Science Fiction on Radio – An Open Letter to Anyone

“I don’t like to think of what I write as Science Fiction. I prefer to think of it as history that just hasn’t happened yet”
Ben Bova

Does a science fiction program of “any” type have a place in current mainstream radio? Well, this is the subject of todays blog, not only from a perspective of the past including our show ,once on local Clear Channel syndication, now available in limited edition on iTunes, and looking toward the future, not just for our jolly little team of misfits, but looking well past the demise of the Bush Presidency.

A Banner Day

Last weekend, a member of out happy little team, Kriana graduated from college. Both myself and Mr. K were there for the festivities of a weekend extravaganza. Congrats to Kriana and we all hope she finds a job soon!

A New Begining For Sci Fi Saturday Night?

As this has become my persoanl blog, I wanted to take this time to comment on a few things.

Mr K, Illustrator X and I have been working over the past few months on bringing SFSN back to the airwaves of New England. While we have been met with some kindness and support, it has been difficult to keep spirits up, and while we 3 are all worling on seperate projects at the moment, there has been some positive momentum on the part of a Major Radio Outlent in New Hampshire. More on this to come.

Dru and I were at the Granite State Comicon this past weekend. Despite the horrible weather, The Men from Double Midnight Comics did a wonderful job. More on who we saw and talked to later this week. BUT I must say I did pick up an amazingly beautiful Harley Quinn (Feel free to send me your favorite HQ’s) Illustration. More on that soon.

Sci Fi Saturday Night and WGIR Manchester part ways.

In a press release earlier this morning, it was announced that SCIFICO and WGIR were unable to come to terms on a second season of Sci Fi Saturday Night. More information will be forthcoming.


Brian Belanger has mysteriously disappeared. If anyone has information regarding his whereabouts, please contact SFSN immediately. In the meantime, Illustrator X will be taking over his duties here.

Well you may notice some changes

Hi ho! Kriana the Anime Princess here, bringing you a brand new site. I anticipate this being buggy, but just bear with me. At this time, if you encounter a bug, please contact me at, and let me know.
(PS: no news except podcast descriptions is going to be ported over at this time. If this depresses you, drop me a line)

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