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Waldo Redux

In 1942 Bob Heinlein wrote a novella called Waldo, not as in “where the hell is he”, but more along the lines of a mechanical genius exiled from humanity. The protagonist, Waldo Farnsworth-Jones suffers from Myasthenia Gravis (MG)  and becomes the penultimate inventor devising mechanical devices to overcome the shortcomings of his ravaged body. His […]

The Space Catapult, rev.II

Those of you old enough or literate enough to remember Heinlein’s The Moon Is a  Harsh Mistress will be familiar with the concept of a space catapult to inject objects into low earth orbit from both selected areas on Earth and the Moon. Mike Holmes and Manny Kelley worked out the logistics many years before […]

Science Fiction – Science Fact – Da Bear

Since the days of R Daneel Olivaw, Asimov and many others have brought us a both interesting and frightening future which we will share with robots. Notwithstanding the pseudo-humanity element of intelligence offered by Asimov, Heinlein, and Skynet, the human condition has always wondered about 2 aspects, dating back to the Golem, Is intelligence (i.e., […]

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