Science Fiction – Science Fact – Da Bear

Since the days of R Daneel Olivaw, Asimov and many others have brought us a both interesting and frightening future which we will share with robots. Notwithstanding the pseudo-humanity element of intelligence offered by Asimov, Heinlein, and Skynet, the human condition has always wondered about 2 aspects, dating back to the Golem,

  1. Is intelligence (i.e., humanity) able to be replicated mechanically, and
  2. Can a mechanical framework be constructed to simulate a human being.

Behold BEAR, Vecna Robotics’ newest Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot (try not to think Terminator). To quote directly from Vecna’s website, “Whether on a battlefield, in a mine shaft, near a toxic chemical spill, or inside a structurally-compromised building after an earthquake, the BEAR can rescue those in need without risking additional human life” (try not to think John Connor). This unit is designed as their flagship for a series of Metal Battlefield Enhancements ( try not to think of anything) and to be used in many civilian and military settings. The HG2 hand can palm a basketball, be customized with specific tools (think Manuel Garcia Kelly). Its transport system has a capacity of 200-600 pounds with vibration and shock insulation. The WAM Arm is eerily reminiscent of a Waldoe.

This is Dome sayin’ – …………whisperin’…….hey, look out there…….

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  1. This is Kriana sayin…. +5 Geek Cred points for mentioning my favorite robot!

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